Technology adoption in healthcare is painfully slow. Everyone knows that. I’m going to make it happen faster.

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“I engage with health systems regularly as a chronic patient. It usually sucks. So I’m on a mission to make things better. Providers and software companies already work together to improve the status quo with technology. It just takes forever for them to meet, engage and begin a partnership. So I interviewed 35 tech vendors, 6 health systems and 2 payers between September and November of 2018 to learn why it takes so long for them to find and qualify each other today. How does the process unfold and successfully conclude from pre-discovery to implementation? How does it vary and fail? I’ve analyzed several inefficiencies and plan to design some software products to target a few. Subscribe to my weekly newsletter for research insights. Cheers!”

Subbu Arumugam, 5.20.19, recent heart transplant recipient, former ed tech entrepreneur and long-time health technology advocate